Defra UK - 2001 Outbreak

Project type: Specialist

Client: Defra UK

Location: National

Contract period: 6 Months

Value: Confidential

Project Description

In 2001, Walker Pritchard was appointed to provide Cost Management services during the Foot & Mouth Outbreak which spread across Britain.

The Report from the Royal Society shows clearly the major impact that the FMD 2001 epidemic had on the UK:

"That outbreak was the worst experienced by Britain since proper records began and involved 2030 cases spread across the country. Some 6 million animals were culled (4.9 million sheep, 0.7 million cattle and 0.4 million pigs), which resulted in losses of some £3.1 billion to agriculture and the food chain. Some £2.5 billion was paid by the Government in compensation for slaughtered animals and payments for disposal and clean up costs"

(The Royal Society - Infectious Diseases in Livestock, 2002.)