WP Housing

Richard is a seasoned Senior Quantity Surveyor and Employers Agent with over 14 years of extensive experience in the Construction Industry. His career spans roles within PQS Practices, Housing Developers, and Main Contractors, focusing primarily on residential developments encompassing traditional build and Modular Housing. Richard has honed a comprehensive understanding of Groundworks, demonstrating a strong command of this crucial aspect of construction.

Having spent over 8 years working directly on construction sites, Richard possesses invaluable hands-on experience that enriches his professional expertise. This practical knowledge complements his background in Quantity Surveying, enabling him to approach projects with a holistic understanding of construction methods. This unique perspective aids in efficient decision-making and effective project management.

Outside of his professional life, Richard finds joy in outdoor activities, such as taking walks with his wife, 3 children and dog. He also has a strong passion for golf and plays weekly.

Richard's commitment to excellence, coupled with his diverse background spanning technical and practical aspects of construction, underscores his dedication to delivering high-quality results. His aim is to foster collaborative environments and drive success within the industry.